Saturday, March 19, 2016



I learned how to make these cute critters at the last retreat I attended.
They are Christmas-turned-Valentine's Day gifts for some owl loving friends.

While I was working on them, someone asked what do you call a group of owls?

A discussion ensued of birds and their "flock" names.
Finally someone came up with the theory,
"Owls don't fly in groups, so they are just owls."

That sounds lonely...
I am glad I belong to a swarm of quilting bees!

Monday, December 10, 2012

The Never-Ending Quilt

I thought this was going to be a fast, easy quilt.

Two years later...

The Cathedral Window has shrunk from
a queen size quilt to a center patch of 9 sections
that will be surrounded by HUGE borders.

The goal was to have it finished by dad's birthday....
then Thanksgiving,
then the first cold day
which turned out to be today.

I may resort to my sister's old Christmas tactic:
put all the pieces in a box,
wrap it in pretty paper,
slap a big bow on top
and tag it with the note
"a Do It Yourself project"!
With Love
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My great-niece was creatively drawing on my mirror with a grease pencil.

When she finish she said, "TaDa!!! SCRAP ART!!!!"
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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Ragged Youth

Our youth director wanted us, the church quilt ladies, to teach the youth how to sew a baby quilt to donate to our church nursery.  The only thing we knew was that it was a group of boys & we had one hour to work!

As the week went on we became a little many kids, what ages, will they be rowdy...with the sewing machines...with rotary cutters?  What have we agreed to do?  We had agreed that a rag quilt would be the easiest, fastest first-time quilt to make as a group. 

When will we ever trust God?
It turned out that only two of us were free to "teach" the session. 
Then we learned there were only 4 kids & 2 youth directors: 1 who thought he was a kid.

These boys caught on so fast they all made their own quilts in their own ways:

This young man selected fabric he dubbed "Girl Power".  He decided to give his quilt
to his younger sister for Christmas.

 This quilt is being donated to the nursery.

This young man had already been trained by his grandmother on how to operate a sewing machine.  However, this was the first rag quilt he had made.  His original creation is a "reversible" rag quilt.  If you notice, on the left side the fringe is on the front and on the right side it is on the back!

 The youth director was trying to give a devotional entitled God's Quilt or The Patchwork Quilt.
He soon realized that he would have to wait until their next class to read and discuss the poem; the class could not hear over their sewing machines!

Thank you God for such an inspiring class!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

A "BOY'S" Quilt

We were asked to make quilts for boys because, as older ladies, our quilt group tends to use fabrics with lots of  pinks, flowers and ballerinas.  So, I went to the fabric store and bought my decidedly "boy" fabric.  I took care to showcase each variety of terrifying beast on the squares.  I envisioned a boy-child growling in fierce battle with these predators as he defended his camp.  Any boy would be delighted to own this quilt~

I was at a workshop located in a gym when I was finishing up this project.  At the end of the day a group of  kids passed through the building on their way to an after school program outside.  They visited with each of the seamstresses and commented on the various quilts.  Naturally when the boys looked at mine they said... "Umm, dinosaurs" with a tinge of boredom while the girls responded with an enthusiastic, "I LOVE dinosaurs...I want a quilt like that!", I'm currently making a quilt for my 10 year old great-nephew.  I am painstakingly researching all the "boy" games and cartoons he loves so I can incorporate them into this creation that will be his Christmas gift....and I better not get a tinge of boredom when he opens his present...or I'll give it to his sister!

Monday, October 8, 2012


A few years ago I went to a quilting retreat in the fall.  It was wonderfully inspiring as usual.
After lunch we had show and tell so we could give encouraging applause as we admired our friends progress on their projects.

This day a lady came in with her arms full of old fabric that she placed on a table.   She explained that a relative of a friend was cleaning out his attic and wondered if she would be interested in this pile of junk.  A few ladies held up the fabric to display it to the group.  Simultaneously everyone gasped.

It was a large, intricate, beautiful crazy quilt top!   

The quilter did some research and discovered the quilt had been made by an ancestor of  the man.  She decided to finish the quilt and return it to the man on the promise that it never gets thrown out with the trash!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


I am working on a Cathedral Window quilt.  I am using the directions for the folded version.  I forgot a step, so I went online to see what to do next.  During my search I found this site called Angie's Bits 'n Pieces that has  some unique variations for Cathedral Window projects.

Now I am inspired to visit more Cathedral's.

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